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Hemp N Save is an online hemp blog that strives to provide the highest quality of news and in-depth guides on all things pertaining to Hemp, Cannabinoids like CBD and THC, Cannabis Strains, Terpenes, and most up-to-date hemp and cannabis state laws. Hemp N Save provides a unique benefit for both consumers researching CBD products and entrepreneurs looking to enter the cannabis industry by offering business guide services including Buying CBD Products Wholesale, Private Label Services, Bulk Gummy Manufacturing tips & tricks from professional ecommerce website developer David McGinnis. Our passion is helping budding entrepreneurs create profitable businesses within this ever-growing industry while also educating readers with fun & interesting content about all aspects of cannabis production & consumption. We believe that providing our customers with expert advice combined with cutting edge technology will help them achieve their dreams in the marijuana space. Our mission is to empower people by expanding access to knowledge surrounding this versatile plant so they can make informed decisions when buying and selling hemp products.

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David McGinnis

Entreprenuer, Web Designer, Writer

David McGinnis is an ambitious and successful entrepreneur, web designer, content creator, marketing specialist, and author with almost a decade of experience in the hemp industry. His impressive resume includes consulting for numerous CBD Companies and other various startups, not to mention his flourishing CBD Company, as well as over 30 cannabis blogs and ecommerce sites with hundreds of creative and enlightening articles. An avid learner, David loves writing and spending quality time with his beloved fiancé Melanie and two precious miniature schnauzers Gatsby and Daisy. The best part is, he’s super accessible! If you’d like to contact him about your upcoming business venture or just say hi, simply use the chat support located on his site.

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